South Shore Soccer League News

South Shore Soccer League welcomes Marion-Rochester Youth Soccer 

MRYS was voted into the the SSSL at the June 2016 General Meeting and will be joining us for league play beginning this fall.   We welcome their entry and look forward to a strong, vibrant and lengthy partnership with them.

US Soccer Mandated Change Eliminates Heading for 11 and younger 

In order to implement this mandate the SSSL is implementing the following change for all u12 and younger games starting this spring: 

"It shall be considered a dangerous play when a player deliberately heads or attempts to head the ball.  Any violation of this rule shall result in an indirect free kick for the opponent.  Simultaneous violations by both teams will result in a dropped ball."

Click here for additional information from Mass Youth Soccer Assoc.

Always check the 
Fields page before your game 

With the late start to real spring weather the status of the playing fields can change at a moments notice.  Field closings will always appear at least two hours before a game.  Please check the "Fields page" for the latest information on field closures and directions.  On that page be sure to click the expand icon to see the status of each specific field within a town.


Playoff Information

Playoff Schedule

Click the division for a view of the playoff bracket for that group:

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u12g1    u12g2    u12g3    u14g1    u14g2    u14g3    u16g     u18g1    u18g2

The schedule is also available by looking at the bottom of the schedule for any division.  You can also see it in a bracket by clicking the bracket icon on the top right of the standings for every division.

Pre-game check-in procedures

Check in for the Quarter-finals will be done by the referees at the field.  Players must be in their official uniform and have their player pass/ID card in order to play.  Coaches must have their laminated roster and 3 paper copies for these games.

For the semi-finals and finals team check-in are done at the registration tent.  When your team checks in the players must be dressed in their full uniform.  All jewelry should be removed, and the players should be lined up in alphabetical order.  

The uniform numbers MUST match the numbers on the laminated and paper rosters for the playoff games.  If there are any differences, you must get your roster corrected and submitted to the SSSL registrar by May 24.