Adopted Rule Changes for Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

New rule added:  9.4  Player Pass 

A town is allowed to use a Player pass to temporarily promote up to 5 players from up to two teams (“providing team”) in a lower division or the next (immediately younger) age group to fill rosters spots on a team (“receiving team”) that would otherwise not have a full roster for a particular game.  The players using the Player pass must all be part of the same providing team and receive permission from the providing team coach.  Players may not miss any part of a Providing Team game to use Player Pass with a Receiving Team.  During the team check in, the receiving team coach must have and provide 2 color copies of both the receiving team’s regular photo roster and the photo roster for the providing team(s) that the Player pass players appear on. 

a)     Player pass players may not be added to a match after the match has begun. 

b)     Cross gender movement is not allowed with a Player pass unless the receiving team is already a co-ed team playing in a boys division.

c)      Any player rostered on a team in an MTOC eligible division is not allowed to use a Player pass to play on a non-MTOC eligible team. 

d)     Player pass use is not allowed in the playoffs or MTOC.

e)     Player pass players who are red carded are automatically suspended from playing in any SSSL game for 8 days.  This may be appealed if the player’s primary team is scheduled to play multiple games within the week.

f)       A player pass player cannot be used to replace a suspended player roster slot on the game day roster.


US Soccer Mandated Change Eliminates Heading for 11 and younger - Monday, March 14, 2016
In order to implement this mandate the SSSL is implementing the following change for all u12 and younger games starting this spring: 

"It shall be considered a dangerous play when a player deliberately heads or attempts to head the ball.  Any violation of this rule shall result in an indirect free kick for the opponent.  Simultaneous violations by both teams will result in a dropped ball."

Click here for additional information from Mass Youth Soccer Assoc.


Forms and Contact Information

Referee Documents and Forms
Title Posted By Last Updated
USSF Referee Game Report Randy Ellis 4/6/2016
IRS W9 Form (return to Treasurer) SSSL Admin 1/24/2012
2019 Referee Pay Rates  Randy Ellis 3/5/2017

Referee Contacts
Role Email Phone #
Paul Golder Referee Administrator (508) 345-1681
Dennis Laversa Referee Assignor (781) 956-6479
Noel Soccorso Mentor Program Coordinator (508) 930-5738

Suspended Player List

NameStart DateGamesEnd DateSorted By End Date In Descending OrderTownTeamStatus
William Lenihan5/18/2018307/1/2021RocklandRCK (Cleaves) B12.2Suspended
Edan Daggett5/20/201936/14/2019AcushnetACU B8.2B (Macaroco)Suspended
Jacob Schofield5/20/201936/14/2019BridgewaterBRG B8.2S (Schofield)Suspended
Calo Soares5/12/201925/31/2019WeymouthWEY B10.1 (O'Halloran)Served
Davian Merhej5/11/201935/20/2019WeymouthWEY B12.1 (Kelly)Served
Dominic Ferioll5/13/201915/20/2019BridgewaterBRG B10.1 (Trombley)Served
Aidan Rhynd 5/13/201915/20/2019WhitmanWHT B10.1 (Allen)Served
James Galley5/8/201915/13/2019RaynhamRAY B12.1 (Demaral)Served
Austin Kennison5/11/201915/13/2019WeymouthWEY B12.1 (Kelly)Served
Tammey Kelley4/29/201915/8/2019WeymouthWEY G8.3Served
Logan Bento4/8/201934/27/2019RaynhamRAY B12.1 (Demeral)Served
Osagie Ighodaro4/15/201914/26/2019RandolphRAN B12.1 (Bandar)Served
Joshua Maesfield4/11/201914/23/2019BridgewaterBRG B10.1 (Trombley)Served
Kyle Rec4/14/201914/22/2019RaynhamRAY B12.1 (Demaral)Served
Sean Owen4/10/201914/15/2019WeymouthWEY B12.1 (Kelly)Served
Jonathan Caldwell4/5/201914/8/2019WeymouthWEY B12.1 (Kelly)Served
Benjamin Caldwell5/31/20191 WeymouthWEY B10.1 (O'Halloran)Suspended

Caution and Sending-off Offenses

Caution and Sending-off offenses - these have been updated in 2018 and now include examples.  Please review and use the new terminology when completing your reports.  Additionally, the form allows ZTP for Zero Tolerance Policy violation if it's a better fit that one of the other offenses.