Instructions for Fall SSSL Team Registration and Town Information

1) Please attempt to provide the information requested electronically.  List of all teams must be sent electronically to SSSL President, Registrar, and Treasurer.  All payment is to be submitted with rosters to the SSSL Registrar by August 25.

2)  Standings will be kept for Grade 5/6 and Grade 7/8.  Grade 3/4 will be non-results oriented although scores should be reported for all age groups.

3)  Goal is to have at least two divisions per age group, please select D1 (for any team that will be placed in an MTOC eligible group) or D2 (competitive non-MTOC teams).  If this is purely a travel rec team please select D3 (note we are not guaranteeing a third division, but will decide based on the number of teams registered) 

4)  Placement Requests – Please provide as much information as possible about the strength and experience of the players (and coach).

5)  Coaches must have updated CORI and MYSA Adult credentials.

6)  All rosters are to be signed by town registrar and league registrar.  All players and coaches must be registered by Mass Youth Soccer.


August 15th  need team information including coach contact and requested placement.

The SSSL Registrar must receive all preliminary rosters by Aug 25.

All players and coaches must be registered with Mass Youth Soccer to participate.

Any out of town players must have a signed letter from the Town President accepting the player and the Town president releasing the player.  If the town is not from within the SSSL, then the letter must also be signed by the League President and the SSSL President.  This letter must be approved by the SSSL Executive Board before the team roster will be signed by the SSSL Registrar.

A schedule will be set up by the SSSL USING THE FIELD SPACE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY EACH TOWN.  Game times will vary by each participating town based upon times available.  Games can be moved by agreement between the towns!!!!

Reschedules will be done in agreement between both coaches.

Games to be held on Saturdays, Sundays might be used due to reschedule (WEATHER, FIELD SPACE AND DAYLIGHT ISSUES).

The season begins on September 14th and runs thru November 10th, with no games on Columbus Day Weekend.

ALL Referees will be assigned and paid by home towns

The recommended minimum referee pay scale is as follows:

U10 referee - $25.00,  No ARs

U12 referee - $30.00;  ARs - $25.00

U14 referee - $45.00,  ARs - $35.00